About us

We are a family of five, with our kids Noah, Sander and Rosa.

In 2004 we bought this old farm in Kienitz, directly seated at the Oder. Instantly we knew that we won’t make use of this delightful spot just for the five of us. The size of land, the conditions at the river and additionally our studys of landscaping and learnscapes moved us to found „Naturerlebnishof Uferloos“, which means: place for expieriencing nature, called Uferloos, in 2005.

With the help of family and friends the growth of a very special idyll starts. Annually we extend our facilities to please our guests. In the beginning there were yurts and circus caravans for overnight staying, since season opening 2013 we can offer four attractive apartements in the built out attic.

Our main concern is to offer the exploring of nature for children and adults. The positive acknowledgements from our guests are showing that we are on the right way.

A warm hearted welcome!
Steffi and Norbert Bartel

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