Before going by train, please check obstructions at: This is important if you want to carry your bicycle.

Distances going by bike and train

  • via Letschin 10 km
  • via Seelow-Gusow 20 km
  • via Küstrin-Kietz 24 km on the Oder-Neiße bikeway

Coming from the south Uferloos is at the end of Kienitz at kilometre 39,9 (marked on the dyke).

Coming from the north Uferloos is nearly the beginning of Kienitz behind „Hafenmühle Kienitz“ – harbour mill Kienitz, (gallery and café).

Moving directions
Via Letschin to Kienitz/Uferloos

Starting at Letschin go to Kienitz (Nord) and go on until Kienitz, enter the village and where the main road turns right after 350 m, go left along the ditch (watch Uferloos signs!). Uferloos is situated directly at the dyke. You are welcomed by a hanging wooden bunny and paddles as fence. Please use the parking lot over there.(another Uferloos sign).

For transportation from station to uferloos without bike we recommend to taxi:

Fahrservice Enrico Fink Funk: 0173-899 61 26 

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