On their  atlantic-sailing trip in 2009/10  our friends Claudia Oldenburg and Friedrich Seifert met  Angelic Jatta, headmaster of the Rhema Abam School, teacher Fatou Ndow and her husband Ibrahim. That is how I came to visit the private school in Serekunda, biggest town of Gambia, with Claudia in September 2012 . 250 children are taught there in small classes with the chance of improving their possibilities in life. Because we were deeply touched by the lack of electricity and fluent water, we started an effort and succeeded by donations to install three working taps during our stay.

The next year in October 2013  we visited Gambia with the whole Family and a friend of us, Michael. In two weeks we repaired and designed the school playground wall. We installed electricity, replaced broken windows and painted the facade.

The following clip shows how the mural art is done:

A insight of our visit at Rhema Abam school in pictures you get here:

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Our Attention we spend is leading the school to become a better place for learning for children in one of the poorest countries in Africa. Their smiling and passion to learn drives us as much as their very dedicated headmaster Angelic Atta and her teachers

In autumn 2015 we were bid welcome in Serekunda with posters and songs. Due to our donations in the meantime a small school building could be built.

In 2016 Claudia and Friedrich have been sailing to Gambia again. This time part of the donations financed books and completed a first aid box. See here:

Help directly: We collect donations in events and lectures. Donations of our  „Gambia donation box“ in the courtyard we use to 100percent to support Rhema Abam school. As private Supporter we excuse for not giving donation receipts. If you want to donate and need a receipt you can donate to Berufsbildung Gambia e.V. (professional education Gambia)

In february 2017 together with Astrid and Ebrima we started to sponsor 19 children. The donations where used to pay the school fee for children whose parents could not pay any longer. We welcome Sheikh Joof in our team who is controlling the achievements at school and regular attendance.

We are looking for further school sponsorships. Please contact us by our contact form.

All helpers a cordial Thank You!


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