We have been supporting a school project in The Gambia since 2012. With our help, the Rhema Abam School in the metropolis of Serekunda received an electricity and water connection and was able to be extensively renovated and modernised. In addition, we have been able to win numerous sponsors in Germany who financially secure the school education of many children of this school. Guests and friends of our farm have helped finance this Gambia school project through their donations.

In June 2020, we founded the Bridge Gambia e.V. on our farm Uferloos. The aim of the association is to support the Rhema Abam School in such a way that it is sustainable and enables children and young people in The Gambia to receive a good education and thus a good perspective in their country. We implement all our projects with partners in The Gambia.

We are pleased if the concern of our association has aroused your interest. Donations help to keep a sustainable school project alive in one of the poorest countries in Africa with 60 per cent illiteracy, which does not receive any state support.

Donation account:

Bridge Gambia e.V.

IBAN: DE094306 0967 1302 6090 00 2026

GLS Bank

For donation receipts please indicate name and address.

To contact us, please use our email address:

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