Due to the current situation, there will be no canoe rental and no canoe tours.

To the canoe rental:

Our canoes are located in the courtyard. Therefore, everyone has to help with the transport of the boats by means of a boat trolley at the beginning and end of the tour. We usually start right outside our front door, i.e. at the Oder dyke. From here, it’s easy to get into the old Oder arm “Kienitzer Hafen”. This is an ideal place for paddling training and getting to know the boats before heading out onto the Oder proper. The “Kienitzer Hafen” is also suitable for paddlers who just want to paddle a bit or perhaps are on the water for the first time with small children. Small tours lead to the natural bathing area or to the shore of the peninsula opposite, which have exciting discoveries in store.

It is always special to expierience the Oderbruch riverscape from the waterlevel. The wealth of nature around the Oder with beaver, otter, fish and white-tailed eagle make every trip unique. As NATURA-2000-protective area this meadow landscape is an attraction for lovers of nature. So if your are paddling, we give you advices to protect this environment.

But the best part comes when you cross the Oder and discover the river landscape on the Polish side. We will tell you how to get there during our briefing.

We rent out the canoes 2 times a day (11 am and 3 pm). Book by email and leave your phone number.

Please remember to bring something to drink, sun protection and headgear (hat / cap)!

You can also find us on the water side directly after the “Hafenmühle” café at the entrance to the small oxbow lake “Kienitzer Hafen” at the first concrete bridge. There you will find Uferloos just behind the dyke. We have trolleys and boat trolleys. You can camp with us or use other accommodation. We will be happy to help you with catering of all kinds.

Our transport capacity is currently limited. For tours with pick-up service we recommend:

Canoe tours on the Oder 2022 with Frauke de Verre Bennett by Flusslandschaftreisen with overnight stay on Uferloos:

Informations about the Oder (in german):




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