Farm rules

This is how Uferloos functions – the fine print

We try to make the stay as pleasant as possible for everyone. Since we offer a lot of different activities, we in turn kindly wish for our animals and plants to be treated with the respect and regard they deserve.


Uferloos is not fenced in: Look out for traffic on the street (Deichweg), as well as the nearby Oder (river) if you travel with non-swimmers

No climbing: especially not on boats, stacks of planks, firewood, piles of stones and tent poles

Ball games:  only on the meadow surrounding the striped marquee

No smoking: in the kitchen and accommodations

Visiting the herbary and harvesting is permitted upon consultation.

On the farm please wheel your bicycles and put them in the room for bicycles over night.

Please note special information in e. g. the dry toilets.

We sadly cannot reforward your personal belongings if you leave them here.


Please treat all of our animals with care and love.

  • Rabbits and guinea pigs: do not pet them
  • Cats on our farm: do not take them with you inside the house or the caravans

Sheep and goats: Attention: beware of the electric fence

There a many animals calling our farm their home, therefore we kindly ask you to please not bring your own pets with you.


Night’s rest starts at 10 pm and lasts till 8 am.

Arrival is starting from 4 pm; departure is possible before 12 am


If you want to use our kitchen, please check in with our kitchen staff beforehand.

We would appreciate it if you would not cook by yourself. That and the use of a moka pot are unfortunally not permitted.


Please take any of your bottles with you when you leave.

If you happen to have packaging/”Green Dot” put them in the yellow bag.

As for paper waste please put them in the blue barrel or in the paper box.

Any kind of compost – except for banana skin or citrous fruits – is to be put in the compost bin.

Banana skin and citrous fruits can be disposed of together with the residual waste, as the compost bin has to be emptied out on the compost heap every day.

The residual waste is to be put in the garbage bin.

As for diapers there is a place in the barn labelled “diapers”.

If you have leftover food when you leave, we would like to ask you to take it with you or to dispose of it at the compost heap.

Dish washing

Please save water, otherwise there will be problems with our sewage pit.

The dish-washer is for kitchen staff only.

For the washing line for groups please use the blue plastic tubs (prewash, main wash, final rinse).

To wash your dishes, you can use the water coming out of the pipe or the garden pump of the wilderness kitchen. The remaining dishwater is to be poured in the hedges rather than the drain.

Summer-kitchen at the house,
wilderness-kitchen at the herbary

We would like to ask you to clean up, wash up and tidy away any materials or dishes every evening.

Since we have cats, we strongly advise to store any groceries inside for the night.

The fridges should primarily be used to store food.

Please do not put anything down on our e-stove, even when it is off.

After using the stool cooker/gas cooker please close all three stopcocks.

Thank you for your kind cooperation!

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