Dear guests,

we are deeply saddened by the catastrophe on the river Oder and its consequences. Swimming and paddling is no longer possible, bookings are cancelled without replacement.

Our team is ready with full vigor. Farm life, cycling – everything is possible. The drinking water is still perfect. It comes via pipelines from the Märkische Schweiz Nature Park.

So we hold the fort and look forward to you.


This is a call to action! – This is a call to action!

On September 4th we all want to stand by the Oder together. In the meantime, almost the entire river system is affected, from Poland over the entire Oderbruch and with its Oder arms,
up to the Szczecin Lagoon and into the Baltic Sea. This is not the first time that a river has been poisoned. On the contrary, the Oder is one of the last rivers in the European region that was still reasonably intact in its natural state.

At the same time, extreme drought throughout Europe as a result of climate change is causing massive freshwater loss in rivers and lakes. And in many places our drinking and groundwater
groundwater. It is becoming increasingly clear how much mankind is threatening itself through unsustainable use of our natural resources. Together we want to do something
counteract this. In the next two weeks we want to call together as many people, places and organizations as possible to take part in the concert on the banks of the Oder on September 4 at 3:00 pm. We envision that everyone who wants to participate, individually or as a group, will find a place on the banks of the Odra River to play music, make noise, or simply attend. So we hope for your decentralized support from the Czech Republic to the Baltic Sea. Gather in villages and cities, bring your instruments, voices and bodies and show that we are all together. Be with your power and energy for each other, for the river and for a better world.

This initiative is intended to build a broad base that will extend beyond September 4 to educate and ultimately protect the entire Odra River.
We ask that you forward this and the following press releases to interested parties.

Hashtags: #SAVEODERDIE and #saveoder
Facebook: www.facebook.com/saveoderdie
Email: action@saveoderdie.net
Website: saveoderdie.net

The Kienitz Citizens’ Initiative stands in solidarity with the “Action Alliance Living Oder”. This alliance of several environmental and nature conservation organizations has been fighting for several years to preserve the unique ecosystem of the Oder River.

Website: https://saveoder.org/

If you would like to donate for the Oder, you can do so via the “Aktionsbündnis lebendige Oder” here:



For your booking we need the following information by mail. We answer daily.

Mobile phone number
Type of accommodation (circus wagon, vacation appartement, tent)
Booking organic breakfast buffet
Interest in organic dinner buffet
Desire to use wilderness kitchen for self-catering
Number of families and number of accompanying adults and children and their ages
Interest in bicycles


Coming and going:
Move-in from 4pm… We live on the farm… arrival is possible until 9 pm. Who comes later, please send a mail.
Moving out of the accommodations until 11 am.
Departure from the farm until 12 o’clock, except: when renting bicycles and canoes or enjoying our food and drinks.
Information about entering and spending the night in the open countryside

We receive many requests for overnight stays in the open countryside.

The Brandenburg Nature Conservation Act §22 provides information about this. https://bravors.brandenburg.de/gesetze/bbgnatschag_2013/2

Please do not camp or park your caravans and buses at the Oder and in the Sophienthaler Polder. Look for caravan sites for example at the “Zum Gasthof am Hafen” in Kienitz. VW buses we offer a parking place. We are located in the European bird sanctuary “Mittlere Oderniederung”. There are 120 bird species breeding here.

Departure times ferry Güstebieser Loose to Poland: https://www.barnim-oderbruch.de/tourismus/faehrzeiten


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